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Eight tips how to clean up the glass products you buy

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-28
1. when painting the walls, glass window will be glued to some of the lime water, to clear the traces of the lime, if use  water to scrub is more difficult. Therefore, to use the wet cloth dipped in some fine sand , can be an easy job to clean the glass.
2 drop some kerosene on the glass, or use chalk dust and gypsum powder dipped in water  on the glass, when they are dry wipe with a clean cloth or cotton , glass window is clean and bright.
3. glass furniture truns black when use for a long while, use coth with toothpasteto wipe , glass will also increase the luster.
4. use water to scrub fresh eggshell, will get the mixed liquid of protein and water, use it to clean glass, will also increase the luster.
5. The window glass have traces or stained with grease, drops a little kerosene or alcohol on the wet cloth, wipe gently, glass will be bright and clean soon.
6. glass stained with paint, can dipped a little vinegar in flannelette to wipe it.
7. wipe with a slightly wet old newspaper.The best way is to wipe up and down vertically on a side, wipe level right and left on the other side , so that it is easy to find the leakage of the place.
8. wash with warm water first, then dip a little alcohol in a damp cloth  to wipe, the glass will be especially bright.
The cleaning method for glass furniture in your home has remained bright, give it a try.

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