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Different between blown and moulded glass

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-05-11
Blown glass and Moulded glass products are the most common and popular, Sunny Glassware has been in the glassware industry since 1992s and good at making various of glass candle holders, today I would like to share some of glass knowledge about the different between blown and moulded glass.
Features of Machine-BLOWN GLASS:
3)thinner wall,
5)top size can be smaller than bottom size
6)Blown glass exists size tolerance 3~5mm and this issue can’t be control well. When customers have gift box or lidsd to matched blown glass jar, you need to double confirm the srelated size before confirm samples or orders.
7)If glass will be filled into candle wax, it can restrict the crystallisation of some Palm waxes as the slow cooling process needed for the crystal reaction to occur is countered and accelerated because of the thin wall of the glass.
candle holders machine blown craft
1)Safer and stronger;
2)Heavy, thicker wall
3)Higher resistance to shattering;
4)If glass will be filled into candle wax, the thicker wall causes more heat to be retained by the jar after wax has been poured into the container, this causes the wax to cool at a slower rate, creating a stronger bond when initially forming and adhering to the glass.
5)The top size must be bigger than bottom size
6)Blown glass and moulded glass MOQ is based on product size and weight.
Candle holders machine pressed craft

Hope these knowledge will give you a better understanding of blown glass and mould glass, learn more about glass candle holders craft, please don't hesitate to contact me as following

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