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Conquer the highest peak of Shenzhen

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on :2017-03-14
This is the right time for us Spring Trip, all the objects are recovery, Flowers of every kind are in bloom, it's very beautiful!

Last Sunday is Planting Day, I clambed the first highest mountain---WuTong Mountain with my friend by chance.
When we planning to ride a bike, but we come to the mountain.
It's very happy to finish my wishes at years ago, it's very amazing when I stood at the top of the mountain,
It's actually experienced to see all the other mountains are small, even we can't see any other mountains for the fog and cloudy around the top of the mountain, have a panoramic view.

From the clambing experience, I had ever want to give up, I had falled duiring the trip, with the encourage from my friend and emulative, finally, I stand the top of the mountain, and see all the view I want to see.

This just like our live, it's natural instincts to give up when we meet the challenge or trouble, it doesn't matter, only if you have the idea want to defeat it, only a little thoughts, then you will keep doing it and conquer it.

Anyway, all the suffering are the bedding to success, belive you can, then you really can.

Conquer the highest peak of Shenzhen