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Common sense for wine glass

  • Author:Peggy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-05-21
Nowadays, more and more people will drink wine  no longer the dignitaries of the patent. Of course, the nobles can enjoy the wine before in Europe. Since it is a noble way of life, then something is very particular. Drinking different wines, you need different wines.  People drink alcohol, they have to know general knowledge of wine glasses . They can use the bowl, cups, bottles , but in a Palace, then, will not drink of this style, must pay attention to wine style, materials, so on. 

The world is changing, but drinking wine is still the same way that  follow the tradition, so we still need to follow, because we have the conditions of European nobles, but just conditions of acquisition of glasses of grapes. Wine glasses can be roughly divided into three types of wine. 

There are the red wine glass, a white wine glass, and the other is a champagne glass. Three different wines, three kinds of wine. They have different glasses, because different wine glasses have a different effect, more different effects. In other words, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to fully embody the characteristics of the wine, makes wines more aromatic. Because of this, when we drink wine, don't take the wrong wine glass, the right glasses can help us to taste wines and delicious.  

Here we introduce one by one. 

The red wine glass:The grip handle at the bottom of the glass, the upper part more plump than the white wine glass large, we need to know two types, you must know the General knowledge of wine glasses wine blog-wenicewine-Venice, Claret Cup and Burgundy wine glass. Bordeaux red wine glass is characterized by glass aperture is narrow, you can retain the flavor of red wine, capacity to 170CC or so ideal. Why red wine glass is of this shape? As we know, taste wine, mainly through the nose and tongue, smell smell with my nose and tongue to taste wine. You can have a taste of the tongue: the tip most sensitive to sweetness, tongue in front of salt-sensitive, sensitive to bitterness at the back of the tongue and the sides of the tongue is sensitive to acidity. Good wine should be through the appropriate form Guide to a better tasting wine, wine can flow to the best taste on the tongue. Choose Bordeaux glass, red wine at the time of entry, will be in direct contact with the surface of the tongue back, emphasizing the tannin astringency and achieve balance between sweetness and acidity. Another Cup is Burgundy, Bordeaux Cup is obviously the main difference is in the belly of the sphere. Burgundy wine of spherical body, can make wine flows to the middle of the tongue and then dispersed in all directions, fruity, sour combination, inward narrow mouth can better condensed bouquet. Bordeaux red wine and Burgundy wine glass wine glasses, and is more traditional in style. You must know the General knowledge of wine glasses wine blog-wenicewine-Venice white wine glass. The grip handle at the bottom of the glass, the upper part more slender than the red wine glass, radian, but Cup body height and some shorter than red wine glass.    

A white wine glass, white wine, Burgundy white wine glass with slightly larger waist than red wine, is full. Finally, champagne glasses. Champagne glass bowl straight and slender, and goblets. Tulip-shaped flute and two devices.