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Common question about glass craft

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunny glassware
  • Release on:2018-02-27
Usually,many customers don't familar with the glass craft, so they couldn't understand how to decide products and make decision.

Now we gather some question,and provide anwers,in order to help you more more about it, If you still wnat to know more, welcome to contact:  Product consultant: Kate.
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1. Machine blow glass:
Is it possible to avoid the dot on the top rim? Is there any way to improve it?

Using high level machine or cuting and polishing
Note:   Re this problem,we can`t avoid by using domestic machine,but will be better with foreign machine,especially the rim, Libby can handle it better.  The dot can be improved by adjusting
 strength of the  gun .

How to improve the mould mark of blow molding products?

Improving the mould,the  mould dust, the mould's speed

Does the bottom thickness of the blown products can be controlled? Depends on what?

Control the weight

4.How many moulds for machine blow products?      Is it the same as IS Machine??        
  Is the mold qty realted with the order qty???

It depends on the quantity of order, usually it will need 8-22 moldsand will prepare extra molds at the same time.  Note:   It also depends on the quantity of order and size of the machine.

5.What is size of  machine blown cups can pu on the production line?

Like the normal size of drinking glass and the factory can do the production with 50k pcs.

Note: 1.The facory has the output value on each production line every day. You should check your goods value if reach their output value every dat. This is the basic factor that the factory could descide to do the product.

We should check the production schedule line,if it`s too busy during this time,the factory won`t arrange this order even it can meet the first requirment unless the profit is large.

6.What's the maximum size of a mahcine blown cup?   For example,whatis the exceed size of  height
or diameter?

Normally, it can not  over 18cm, but the factory can do big size products, we can contact the factory if needed
Note:It should be depend on the type of  specific product.