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Climbing mountain

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-03-09
Mountain climbing is a sport that can exercise, and can cultivate people's sentiments. 

Climbing need to wear a good pair of shoes, but also have unremittingly endurance. as a kind of outdoor sports, It is aerobic exercise and strength training, and the amount of exercise, exercise intensity can be adjusted according to their physical and physical quality. It can be said that mountain climbing is a more comprehensive and more comprehensive role in the exercise of a relatively small form of exercise.

1, foot exercise -- make your feet flexible, mountain climbing is one of the best ways to exercise the leg muscles of. 

2, mountain climbing can promote the function of capillary -- feel comfortable. 

3, mountain climbing can strong gluten bone. 

4, "forest bath" - green health law. Into the forest, Bashansheshui, meditation and repose, essence and aroma of a full bath forest, away from the hubbub, relaxed and happy. 

5, mountain climbing can significantly improve the strength of the waist, legs, speed, endurance, the body's ability to balance the balance of physical fitness, strengthen the heart, lung function, enhance disease resistance. 

6, mountain climbing is strenuous exercise, the body is not suitable for people should not climb the mountain.

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Climbing mountain
Climbing mountain