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Clean the glass tea cup

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-03-07
A lot of people like to drink tea, but tea filthy cup is very difficult to remove, the inner wall of the tea of a layer of filthy containing cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other kinds of metal material. 

They in the tea into the body, and food protein, fat, vitamins and other nutritional compound, to form an insoluble precipitate, hinder the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, these oxides into the body can cause neurological, digestive, urinary and hematopoietic system disorders and functional disorders, especially arsenic, cadmium can cause cancer, causing fetal malformations, harm to health. 

The tea drinking habits, often should promptly clean the inner wall of the tea tea. In order to let you no longer for this big headache, the following introduces several methods in addition to the tea:

 1. Get rid of metal tea every thickteadirty, using metal tea isolation, filthy due to become black, such as medium cleaning agent is also not wash, can be soaked in vinegar, or bleach soak can easily detergent. 

2. Get rid of teacups and teapots thickteadirty, teacup, teapot with long will consists of a large number of filthy, with a sponge dipped in salt friction, easily removed. In addition to the 

3 piece of tea, the solution can be soaked in bleach or cleaning powder, and placed one night, you can remove the dirt.

4 potatoes to tea, the most simple method is clear: potatoes. The potatoes put in the cup, and then placed in boiling water, cover, stuffy 5 to 10 minutes, to shake a few, can the filthy removed.

5 can use toothpaste or broken egg shell scrub, then rinse with water can be. 6 bubble in diluted acid vinegar in the bubble 30 minutes, you can shine as new. Exquisite tea sets, usable cloth dipped in vinegar and wipe, fingers reach place, use a soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar, salt synthesized solution swab can be mixed the.

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