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Clean & care for glass candles holders

  • Author:Jolee
  • Release on:2018-08-13
Clean & care for glass candles holders

The glass candles holders are rich in color, various in shape, elegant in appearance, resistant to falling and high temperature, which are common household items. In daily life, the glass candle holder will inevitably get some stains and dirt, which affects its beauty.

Therefore, it is best to place the glass candle holders in a fixed place. Do not move it back and forth at will; avoid moisture and keep away from the stove. It should be isolated from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

For daily cleaning, wipe it with a wet towel or newspaper. If it is stained, it can be wiped by a towel with beer or warm vinegar. You can also use the glass cleaner currently sold on the market, avoid using a solution with a strong acidity and alkalinity.

In Sunny Glassware, we provide thousands of styles of glass and candle holders, you can always find the one you like, meanwhile, we also provide customized service.

For more details please contact: sales38@sunnyglassware.com

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