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Beautiful engobe screen printing black pattern ceramic candle holder

  • Author:Keira
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-09

Here, I would like to introduce Sunny's new arrival screen printing patternceramic candle holder  for home decorations.
ceramic candle holder

Sunny's strength is doing many kinds of decoration like lacquer painting, decal printing, electroplating, frost, etc to make glasses luxury and elegant. We have atalented design team, which is unmatched in China.If you have your idea about the product,contact Sunny Glassware. We could accept any kinds of OEM.

Below is the size of the glaze ceramic candle containers:

ceramic candle holder Top dia: 90mm
Bottom dia: 86mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 252g
Capacity: 321ml

陶瓷烛台 Top dia: 134mm
Bottom dia: 93mm
Max dia: 146mm
Height: 98mm
Weight: 573g
Capacity: 1000ml

If you want more details,fast chat here:
  Keira Ouyang sales35@sunnyglassware.com