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Circle Shape Glass Jar for Suager and Juice

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-24
Yesterday,I bought a lot of sugars, I put them in a Glass Jar, which one looks like our
company's design, but not as its colorful and dedicate.   It occured to me that something 
we have in our daily life, we sometimes just never notice them until one day we value them
as our career.  

Since the day I worke in the Sunny Glassware, my attitude and the way 
I think of the glass jaror stem glass, wine glass, water cup,etc.,that's totally change.
I familiar with how they become, thier size, process, market condition in different country.

Suddenly, these little stuff come into alive, like my lovely friends,filling around my life, 
makes me feel interesting and amazing.
Therefore, I can't wait to introducts my friend to people who want to know about them, 
and hope they will like them.

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Im Kate from Sunny Glassware, which is specializing in glassware/giftware 
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