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Chinese Lantern Festival

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-02-24
Legend in a long time ago, fierce poultry beast of prey many, hurt people and livestock everywhere, people organize to play them, there is a god birds trapped for lost land, but accidentally shot dead by unwitting hunter. After day emperor know very fury, regards, immediately ordered mountain to set world, on the fifteenth day of the first to the people and property of all burnt to death in the world.
Day emperor's daughter has a kind heart, don't have the heart to watch people innocent suffering, would risk their lives, secretly driving xiangyun came to earth, told the news to the people.They heard the news, like a head rang a JiaoLei.Frighten doesn't know what to do, for a long time, just have a old man to come up with a way, he said: "in the fourteenth, 15, 16, this three days, every household is decorated in the home, some ring firecracker, a display of fireworks. 
In this way, then god would have thought that people were burned to death". Everyone is nodded, then separately get ready to go.In the fifteenth day night, day emperor looked down and saw that on a red light, sound loud, for three consecutive nights is so, thought is the flame of the fire burning, fast to cuhk.People thus saved their lives and property.To commemorate this success, from now on each to the fifteenth day, every family hanging lanterns, fireworks to mark the day.
Chinese Lantern Festival