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Celebration of Mother's Day

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-05-12
The Mother's Dya, is a holiday to thank his mother, the festival first appeared in ancient Greece;
The modern mother's day originated in the United States, is the second Sunday in May each year.
Mothers on this day would normally receive gifts, carnation be regarded as dedicated to mother's flower, and China's mother flowers are day lilies flower, also called nepenthes.

Today, after morning meeting, Our Sunny's boss Ms Yang have talked about the Mother's Day with us and very kindly prepared the gifts for every of our parents. Yes, everyone should have a greatful heart to our parents. They brought us come to the world, they spend their left life to feed us and protect us after pregant.

The coming Sunday is the great Mother's Day, say a warm words like "I love you, mom" or buy a small gift or flowers to mother if you stayed with your mother, of course, give a call to mother if you far away from your mother, I think they'll be very happy for your words or your behaviour.

For our Chinese, we're more shy to express our love or appreciate to our parents, this is will be a good chance to say our love out to our parents.

This is a good chance to express our love and our appreciated to our parents.

All the best wishes for every mother in the world.

Celebration of Mother's Day