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Celebrate the Christmas Eve

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2015-12-24
Today is December, 24, is the Christmas Eva.

Today is a special day for many people, especially for the western country, they'll say good bye to 2015 and welcome the newly year 2016. Most important, they'll go back home for family reunion.

Now the festival extended to other countries, like China, when we walking on the street, we'll see many people dress the christmas father's cloth, and people decorate their shop to celebrate the festival. 

Many foreigners may feel very warm when they see the scene, it seems like they're coming back to their country and home.

As the apple, stocking, christmas tree, christmas father etc. are the respective things of the christmas.
Apple respect the safety and health, children will waiting for the christmas father send them gifts in the stocking during the christmas, the christmas tree means bright.

The happy and warmth song of  “Jingle Bell" brings much happiness and good luck to all the people.
Hope all of the human everything will be smoothly in the next year.

Celebrate the Christmas Eve