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Your position:Home > News > Industry News > Cautions for using glass cup

Cautions for using glass cup

  • Author:Peggy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-06-01
Using a glass cup in the first time, please clean with soft cloth and warm water. After a long time use, there is dirt in the tank, we shoud pour amount of 84° disinfectant soak for some time and then rinse with water to make glass cup re-newed.But remember clean with a mild detergent and soft cloth  directly on the outer surface.  Each part should be cleaned after useing.  

Please clean cup with mild of neutral detergent for avoiding the cup designated . Do not use rough of wire ball to wipe cup body; The level don't too full when you pour the hot water in order to avoid overflowing; Do not put glass cup into microwave, and disinfection cabinet, high temperature appliances directly for heating, becasue it will cause cup body deformation and effect usage;  Children should used with caution to prevent supplies broke or burns himself. Glassware will burst easily when you pour too hot or too cold water, so we should avoid the over temperature of environments when using. Usually more than 80°strong expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference will easily lead to burst.  If there are no special instructions, please try to avoid using jar of hot or cold water.
In front of the pour hot water, you can pour the first few, and shake container of hot water with full access, achieve the purpose of preheating and then pour hot water, prevents vessel caused by temperature difference of the burst. 

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