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Candle Containers Supplied for over 80 percent famous candle brand in the USA

  • Author:Cindy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-05-23
Who is Sunny Glassware? It is the one who have been supplying candle containers for over 80% famous candle brand in the USA. I am confident you will know us soon to talk with your friends working in fragrance field in the USA. With more than 20 years experience in glass field, since 2005, Sunny have been focusing on supplying different styles of candle containers. Growing together with clients, our Sunny team become more and more strong and we are so clear about quality requirement for brand candle company. That is reason why we can work with clients like Nest fragrance, Thymes and Candle-lite etc for more than 10 years, as long term cooperation partner. It also help us win more and more clients’ trust. As the market changes, more and more brand candle company start pay attention to candle containers.To be unique candle containers, we not only consider the candle containers shape&design but also the decoration. Absolutely, we can do glass with market popular finish like printing, painting color, electroplating, ion-plating, laser etc, at the same time, we have been developing new finish.
What kind of candle containers do you love? Absolutely, we can supply you existing glass with popular and complex finish. If you have own designs, it is your unique brand candle container and we sign NDA to protect it together. If not, good news that we Sunny Glassware do have our own designs and we launch more than 10 new designs each month. Yeap, our designs had been chosen by clients for their own brand collection or other projects. I have a client in Canada who choose our new designs for all of their new product lines. The fact is that they receive positive feedback and they are hot sale. For example, they love our 1 design so much. It is a glass with shape like a boat or moon(you can image it by yourself). It give them a new idea. They hide the jewelry in the moon shape candle containers.
Candle Containers supplied for over 80 percent famous candle brand in the USA
What is more, they not only buy our own design size, but also develop a smaller size for this hidden jewelry collection. We are happy that our more and more new designs can help client win more business directly or give our clients idea to new collections.What kind of candle containers partner do you want? Above all, we look forward to working with you and would recommend ourselves to be your top choices.

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