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Beijing Traveling in November

  • Author:Grace
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-11-18
Beijing, the capital of China, I was so exciting because I realized my dream when I arrived there on on Nov 8, 2017, it was a sunny and lucky day, the same day as Donald John Trump (President of US) visited Beijing. I'm grateful for many nice local residents, they offer a free guide for us without any fee. We knew about a lot of traditional cultrue of Beijing and China history. We have a great shock on a very glorious history of China and its magnificent architect.
Beijing Traveling in November
Follow me to enjoy the historical sites tour.

1. Xiangshan park
Even it is the beginning of Winter, but there are great Autumn scenery, most of maple leaves turned to red in  Xiangshan park. The whole Beijing city is covered with yellow ginkgo trees, what a wonderful landscape.
Beijing Traveling in November

2. The Great Wall

It lasted more than 2,000 years of to continue building The Great Wall since the beginning of the western zhou dynasty, totally it's more than 50,000 kilometers long. What a magnificent construction. Someone said that "We are not heroes unless we reach the Great Wall", I'm so lucky I reached to peak of The Great Wall.
Beijing Traveling in November
3. Tiananmen Square
Tian'anmen square, which located in dongchang'an street, dongcheng district, Beijing, and north of tiananmen square, south to zhengyang gate. The Length from north to south are 880 meters, 500 meters wide and it's 440,000 square meters, which can hold a million people holding a grand celebration rally. It is the largest city square in the world. Our  5 stars red flag rises from here when the sun rises very morning. There are numerous important political and istorical events took place here as well, which are the historical evidences of China's decline and rise.
Beijing Traveling in November

4. The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum is the imperial palace of the Ming and qing dynasties, when I stepped in it, I was shocked by its luxury decoration and classic architect. The palace was built in 1406 and completed in the eighteenth year of Ming yongle (1420). It took me almost one day for visiting all the palaces
Beijing Traveling in November
5. Hutong culture
I strong recommend that you must go through all the famous Beijing hutong for feeling the local traditional culture atmosphere with friends, the Old Quadrangleand features Beijing's amazing traditional architecture, there are many foreigner are attracted by them. Of course don't forget tast the delicious traiditional food as well.
Beijing Traveling in November