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Beauty is an attitude.

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-04-08
Beauty is something a lady pursues during her whole life.The founder of "Estee Lauder" once said,beauty is an attitude.

Once we attended a lecture,an old lady aged over 70 asked all of us to close our eyes and imaged,feeling the most beautiful parts of your faces,feeling the cool breeze swaying them,feeling your mother touching your face,feeling your lovers kissing you...When we re-open our eyes,we feel we are more beautiful than before.Seeing from the mirrior,our cheeks are rosy,lip are moist and eyes are shiny.Our beauty is much more nature and nicer than any other cosmetic.It was a really beneficial lesson we had.We became more satisfactory with our apperance.

You can decide if you are beautiful,ladies.When you have the attitude of confidence and beauty,people all around the world will feel she is beautiful.Beauty is an attitude.When you feel everything from nature is beautiful,you will also feel yourself beautiful.Attitude from a lady determines people's thoughts on them.Do not think that you have beautiful looks,then you are beautiful.Of course,do not think you looks so so,then you are not beautiful either.You attitude determines everthing of you.Do not care too much about others' words,just being yourself beautifully at the very moment.

Once I heard an old song,names"Garden Party".The Singer played the guitar and sang"You could not satify everyone,so you need to entertain yourself."Beauty will change people's mood,habits,personality...Finally it will change your whole life.Beauty is an attitude of enthusiam on the life.If you want to be more beautiful,then we can say you are still passionate about the life.

No matter which stage you are in,youth or aged,pls remind yourself again and again.We are beautiful and will be beautiful all the time.Life is about showing your passion,your persue.

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