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Annual custom-Intangible cultural heritage

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-02-17
Annual custom is rural Guangdong Province Maoming City, Zhanjiang City, a unique Chinese traditional folk festivals. 

That is, every year there are cases. In many Chinese traditional festivals, the Spring Festival can be considered is the most lively. In the city of Maoming and Zhanjiang Wuchuan area, however, a more important than the Spring Festival holiday, that is, with characteristics of the local folk culture and customs of yearly. 

In yearly this day, village is a big eater's paradise, the excitement of the from the traffic situation can be seen, special police arrived at the scene command, 5 pm, 6 o'clock rush almost to a standstill. Yearly financial folk art, religion, culture and entertainment as one of the Chinese traditional folk event, pour the Chinese labor people of simple emotion and with its unique artistic thinking strong life breath, also expressed the Chinese labor people for a better life prayer.

 The yearly period is a major driving force of economic development in Western guangdong. Yearly banquet at least put 35 Wai banquet, during meat fruit market prices rose significantly; in order to best meet the yearly customary practices, the villagers to build roads and bridges, the construction of various infrastructure and in his own house purchase all kinds of furniture, electrical appliances, various decoration; please dance troupe help Xing, promotes the local economic development

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Annual custom-Intangible cultural heritage
Annual custom-Intangible cultural heritage
Annual custom-Intangible cultural heritage