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Analyse the differences between the new glass tea pots

  • Author:kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-11-15
Recently,I posted a lots of new borosilicate glass tea pots.  Each of them are vary,different
 in the size,shape of body etc.

Now allow me to introduce their differences to you,and you all will like them, if there're any
question about them,feel free to contact me,Kate.

These glasswares' advantages:
1. Heat resistant tea pot glass.
2.Convinience:with filter or paster,prevent tea from mixing with the water on the bottom.
3.Looks gracious and elegance.

Strong Points:

1. Food safe grade glass body material. It doesn't contain BPA, lead, cadmium or any
other harmful things to human body;

2. It can be totally hermetic with silicone cap, and keep how for 3 hours;

3. It can withstand 400 centigrade high tempreture;

4. It is freezer safe, oven safe and microwave safe;

5. The material is recyclable because it is totally mineral substance;

6. It is enviromental safe.

NO.1 and NO.2 are the same kind tea pots, but NO.2 have iron paster.
plastic cover, with straight filter.

glass tea pot

No.3 and No.4 just the shape of the glass body.
Also the No.5 and No.6 different size,No.6 has a round body.

glass tea pot
NO.9 and NO.10 different color of their handle.
glass tea pot

glass tea pot