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About candle holders

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2018-08-07
The candlestick is like a torch. It is a person who keeps the fire.  The meaning of the candlestick is not to leave the meaning of the fire.

What is the meaning of fire? It needs the recipient to look at that jump.
When the fire comes into life, the source and the primitive man face the fire to think about it. It is the quiet thinking of the people of the fire church.

The light of the candlestick is like the unity of the heart, waiting for the bride to light the hope in silence.   At this moment, the new four hands together, take the start of the fire stick, in front of friends and friends to light a hundred years of harmony.

candle jar

The candlelight that has been lit by this Centennial candle is full of light, warmth and love, illuminating the bright future of the couple.  Wishing candlesticks set off the atmosphere of the wedding scene, adding romantic and warm elements, is an indispensable candlelight ceremony 
in fashionable weddings.  

candle jar

Candlelight represents warmth, candlestick can also foil the atmosphere of the wedding scene, 
add romantic elements.  Because the wedding is usually a dinner, so it's also called candlelight dinner.