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A story of the first new designed glass candle holders

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-27
Customer DL is the first foreign customer to buy our own designed glass candle holders
At the beginning, the customers did not reply when I shared the latest product recommendation, and there was no substantive project after the reply. Suddenly, I changed the idea of new product recommendation and sent some embossed glass candle holders. I found that the customer liked them. Later, I took the initiative to recommend our independently designed Sunflower glass candle holder to the customer., which customer’s boss loved a lot, and he wrote an email to discuss this project.
Lotus candle holders
Since it was the first time we sell own designed products, the client's boss asked us to sell only this design to him, which was a very important promise for the branded client. After negotiation with Frank, we agreed.
The client was holding an exhibition in America at the same time Frank also here. I took the initiative to make an appointment with the client, and the client agreed. After this meeting, the client know more about us and said they are so willing to do business with Sunny Glassware.
We conducted follow-up sample proofing, we requested our factory to make color samples strictly according to Pantone number customer gave, finally customer approved the color samples. When we are close to win the order, because the customer is the first time purchase from us, customers worried about the quality, we use the case of a quality system and cooperation of our customers more relieved to allow customers to us, then we win the order and proceed production.
After first cooperation, the customer saw our extreme product design and extreme quality control, and soon purchased another our own designed oval glass candle jar from Sunny Glassware.

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