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Your position:Home > News > Social News > A story caused by a goblet....

A story caused by a goblet....

  • Author:Shira
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-24
  Goblet, for many people, can be said to be a very familiar cup. As everyone knows, why is a goblet called a goblet? Of course, because it has a long leg, it is very tall and has a slender handle to support the whole body, so it is called a goblet. Speaking of the history of the goblet, it is estimated that it can be said for a few days and nights. Everyone knows that the goblet is also called a wine glass. Most of the goblets are also used for drinking; in Chinese history The earliest wine glasses were made of porcelain, which was discovered in the remains of the Neolithic Age. Archaeologists have found a lot of clay-fired wine glasses in the remains. There are 268 ceramic wine glasses. This also proves that drinking has a very important position in the hearts of the people at that time; in the Ming Dynasty, the popular glass wine glasses began to appear, and the glass making technology of the Ming Dynasty was very advanced. Therefore, glass wine glasses have also been widely used, and have been widely used by people until now.

  After chatting about the historical background that everyone is interested in, let’s take a look at a new goblet that our company has recently developed. A unique goblet can always attract everyone’s love and support. We also keep it. With such a spiritual concept, support for classics, innovation, and excellence, everything is customer-centric.

  As shown in the picture, this goblet is as slim as a lady, a straight handle that supports the entire body; the design of the cup is a wide and thin shape, the weight of the bottle can be controlled in the bottle One third of the body is very suitable. The picture shows only the simplest light cup. If a customer wants to add their own unique design or logo, we can help them realize their ideas. There are many techniques for the goblet, which can be electroplated, engraved, and laser sprayed. Wait, choose any one.

  As far as I am concerned, I am a girl. For the choice of goblet, I will pay great attention to the design and material of the bottle. If both meet my requirements, I will have a strong desire to buy; High-quality goblet manufacturers, we have 26 years of glassware history, all kinds of products exported to more than 30 countries and regions, has also been analyzing customer needs and market positioning, want to understand our strong strength Goblet manufacturers? please do not hesitate! 24 hours for you! ! The following is our contact information, the whole process introduces you all kinds of products, including perfume bottles, aromatherapy bottles, glass candlesticks, ceramic candlesticks, glasses, wine glasses, teapots, etc. Welcome to our company! !

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