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A story about a "double glass"

Shira Sunny Glassware 2019-09-04 10:01:28

Today, I want to share my own story with you. Many of my friends often ask me that what makes you insist on doing foreign trade and doing glass industry for long time? Every time I was asked this question, I would feel very happy and calm. I especially want to share with you the story of an old customer who bought my company's double-layer glass. You will know!

The first time I met Liely through my friend Nike, and I have known him for several years. Until 2019, we have been working together for more than five years and are ready to enter the sixth year. He is a retailer selling double-layer glasses, and always focus on the quality of the product, and our double-layer glass has been shipped to Liely for 15 times. From parameter errors and poor quality to the full range of products, even customers are not checking the goods now, and let us ship directly to his third-party warehouse. This makes us feel very proud, and the happiest result is the recognition of consumers. For the guests themselves, the main focus is on developing the market and developing new products to make the brand stronger. I still remember that Liely sent an email for the first time to develop a double-layered glass of her own design on April 26, 2014. The initial number was only 1,000. Seeing that Liely's design is very new and unique, although it is difficult to produce only 1000 double-layer glasses; in order to support our customers, we decided that no matter how difficult it is, we must help our customers to launch new products and develop their own brands.

After the start of the production of large goods, this does have the difficulties we expected. We have just started to make goods online and go offline in a short time. On the one hand, the quality of the newly produced double-layer glass is difficult to meet the standard, on the other hand, the output is too low. However, in order to complete the first order, we continue to select double-layer glasses that meet the quality requirements of our customers to ensure stable quality. However, in this 1000 double-layer glass, we produced about 2,000 light cups, and we selected 1000 double-layer glasses that can meet the quality requirements of our customers. Upon arrival, the customer checked the product again and the quality requirements were higher; there were 48 unqualified products, and in the second order, we filled the unqualified cups for free. Fortunately, workers are becoming more skilled and the quality requirements of their guests are becoming more and more obvious. Finally, our guests are very satisfied with our quality. After that, we began to offer a full range of products and increased logistics services. Customers can receive goods at home. Starting with the fifth order, we increased the order quantity to 3,000, and customers began to let us provide them with a full range of products, including laser logos and packaging. In addition, our logistics colleagues not only began to ship products to Australia, but also began to provide transportation services.

Here is a special introduction to our company, Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd., a company that specializes in the research and development of double-layer glass cups with more than 20 years of history. It can design small ideas for customers into big ideas and sell well. If you are interested, please contact us and provide 24-hour Ctrip service for you! !

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