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A large summary of the selection and arrangement of candlestick

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2018-01-30
A candlestick is the body of a candle. The candlestick has been developed so far, there are a lot of styles. Modern candlesticks are mostly for decorative purposes, so they are more varied in shape, far more than in ancient times. So how to choose the candlestick and how to set it up? Let's get to know it together.

candle holder

The candlestick has a long history. The Three Kingdoms period celadon lying sheep shaped Candlestick, the popular lion lying candelabra. When the candle like desktop is abundant, a lion shaped, single, double, four tube, lotus shaped, wherein the tubular holder in the Fujian area are popular, Xian Wen long handle, the upper end of the handle is open in a bowl, Bowl Candle holder. The pedestal of the candlestick in the Sui and Tang Dynasties often engraved with exquisite patterns. The Ming Dynasty candlestick is rich in modelling and has high artistic appreciation value. The style of the modern candlestick is innumerable.

ceramic jar

When we buy the candlestick, the candlestick on the market is generally divided into two kinds of Chinese and European style. We can choose and buy according to their own decoration style. Iron candlestick is more, because the iron candlestick has the advantages of good cleaning, long service life, is favored by the vast number of consumers, but the iron candlestick color is too simple, so there is a organic glass candlestick, so that you can produce many different colors for consumers to choose candlestick.

candle stick

The candlestick is like a torch, and our ancestors first invented the fire and roasted its prey with fire, which was the origin of human civilization. When we look at the pulsation of the flame, it will make us think about the meaning of the fire. Let us back in the ordinary life, there is a peace of mind to face setbacks and misfortunes of life, like the beating of the flames, never extinguished.

Have you all heard of a candlelight dinner? Candlelight can make the heart warm. Small light is the Unity Candle heart, silently waiting for the bride to ignite the light of hope, at this moment, the new four in one hand, with the starting point of poker in front of friends and family together to light a candle a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. The candle lit the candle has a harmonious union lasting a hundred years full of light, full of warmth, full of love and light the newcomers in the future a better future.