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A designer who dares to be more true to himself

Alice Sunny Glassware 2021-07-11 22:16:37
Overthrow yourself and start all over again.
I am honored to be invited to the meeting of the Sunny Glassware Design Team today. It really opened my mind. The team leader Mr Zhang even said he can smash all samples which have more than 300 types of incense candle holders, and have no regrets Regarding the design of thousands of scented candle holders with 8 years of hard work. This is a kind of What kind of state? This pursuit of art is comparable to the designer Jobs who developed Apple. What is the design concept for Sunny Glassware, which is "the top three original sample room in Asia"? In the sub-industry of fragrance candle jars, has already left the industry for at least three streets in terms of design concepts and innovation speed. In the sub-industry of fragrance candle holders, Sunny Glassware has greatly surpassed its peers in design concepts and innovation speed.

Sunny Glassware Design Team

The chief designer Mr. Zhang made a self-explanation when talking about what a "designer" is: every designer must have a sense of historical mission; in such a changeable era, a group of people who are unwilling to bow to reality are uncomfortable with the status quo. With my diligence and wisdom, I constantly break the old rules in the glass industry; challenge the limit and challenge ourselves; our road is tortuous but glorious, ordinary but not mediocre, and we have made products and quality worthy of this era; the life and death of employees and enterprises Dependent, new products are updated and iterated continuously; we do not need to be guided, we are our own king and our own slave, we only surrender to ourselves, we set our own goals, self-correction, self-transcendence, this is Sunny guy. The era has given Sunny Glassware a more in-depth mission of research and development, so that China can show its strength in glass craftsmanship, innovate and lead the trend; at the same time, facing the complex and changeable situation of the international consumer market, Sunny Glassware designers continue to learn and forge ahead on the journey. Today, everything is good, but when you wake up tomorrow, you will dare to break all the bottles and cans and start over again; this is the realization of the pursuit of the ultimate beauty, and it is a kind of courage and responsibility. China's design strength is not what it used to be, thanks to the leadership spirit of our entrepreneurs. They have lofty goals, great structure, forward-looking vision, and passion to embrace the world! Only keep creating designs that keep pace with the times. In order to go further. Faced with today's trivial results, we only scored 60 points on ourselves, and the remaining 40 points need to be filled by continuous learning in the future.

When talking about the management of the R&D team of Sunny Glassware, Mr. Zhang said that work is a kind of mentality, a kind of practice. Don't shirk your own responsibilities, don't perfunctory, and don't cause trouble to others. The trust and kindness of others is not the capital you consume; one day you will not be able to afford it. It is said that if anyone in any department of Meiyang Glass only needs to complain to the R&D team, he will only strictly examine his team and feedback the results in time, so that customers can get solutions at the first time, so that Meiyang Group can seize the opportunity. Efficiency is life. Time is money, and we can't wait for a while; always check ourselves and pay attention to the team.

In the past few years, many major clients of Sunny Glassware praised the design team because the design team of Sunny Glassware gave customers multiple solutions and multiple design inspirations, not just the so-called obedience.

When talking about the newly recruited team members, he said that he must be true in his own design, but he must learn from his master's experience, "persisting on the right path is called obsession, and insisting on the wrong path is called paranoia." Speaking of the design past, he said: People who do not make mistakes are pigs, and those who make repeated mistakes must be dead pigs. Correct in time, and you cannot ignore the existence of the error with the loss stop loss. He said that when he was doing design in the Taiwan factory, he marked one point less, marking the centimeters on the drawings as inches. Bring a lot of inconvenience to the factory. From then on, all the drawings will be checked carefully at the last moment of drafting. He now requires every member of the design team to carefully check the drawings at the last minute to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Sunny Glassware Design Team

He affirmed what the design team did well, and put forward suggestions for improvement, and finally suggested three words to the design team "humble", "self-preservation" and "self-improvement". The so-called humility means that a person must maintain a humble heart and attitude. There is a saying in the Tao Te Ching that “everything is returned to the Lord without being the Lord, and it can be called great. If it is not arrogant in the end, it can become great.” The so-called "sense alone" means that when accomplishing one thing alone, you need to take greater responsibility and courage, and consider that your own words and deeds will bring direct consequences. Impulse is the devil, and to the effect is the enemy; it requires more calm consideration than team fighting. . Don't tolerate the slightest error, come up with more plans to predict, to ensure that nothing goes wrong! The so-called "self-improvement" means that the designer has never graduated and is always on the way of learning! The founder Frank said that the design team is the company’s vanguard and is very important in Sunny Glassware. Now the domestic design is getting better and better. It is necessary for the design team to think and look more. He said that design is a difficult industry. To be ahead and to land. But he is optimistic about the design team of Sunny Glassware.

The unrequired requirements are the highest requirements. Mr. Xu's requirements of Mr. Zhang are like this, and Mr. Zhang's requirements of his design team are also the same.

The annual production volume and speed of Sunny Glassware can be compared with ZARA.