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2020 New Year Eve Party

  • Author:Joanna
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-01-04
The annual New Year's day has come again, New Year has a new look!

In this time for saying goodbye to the old things and welcoming the new things, our company also organized a very meaningful dinner party.Instead of just going out to eat as before, this time we had try with a whole new style -- home party.
The location of the party was selected in a private villa area, which was contacted by our colleague Brenda on the internet in advance. The host will provide a venue, which including a dinner hall, a singing room, a game room, and most importantly, you can cook by yourself there because it also has the kitchen.
In order to hold this activity better, our manager Angel initiated soliciting advice of the menu one day in advance, everyone signed up his favorite dishes, in a short time our colleagues provided more than ten dishes, all what they're going to be cooked seems quite delicious, when I was thinking of what dishes I can make for them, the manager said also need logistics person to do cleaning and washing, LOL, for me who can't cook very well, of course, immediately signed up to do logistics work.
In the afternoon, we left the company two hours ahead to go to the party venue. When we arrived, Brenda, our colleague, was decorating the venue with some flowers, balloons and photos. The heart-shaped photo wall displayed many good memories of us, which reminds us of our experiences in Sunny Glassware during recent years.
After about twenty minutes, Angel and other several colleagues also came, and at the same time with several bags of various dishes in their hands,like seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits, then we started our working together with smiles on faces, some washing dishes, some prepare the sauce, some started to cook rice and the foods, it spent no more than an hour we’re ready for the big table full of food, we drunk the red wine which our general manager Mr. Frank bought for us and as well as the pink champagne from Cherry as a gift, our beauty chef Michelle is full of sincerity and made the two popular dishes at her home and bought them to the party with her husband- fish and sweet and sour spare ribs, these really attracted us a lot, I can even think of the taste now!

After dinner, we gathered together for sing, playing billiards, playing mahjong and chatting, about three hours later, we seemed to be hungry again, and then started the second round of eating and drinking mode...LOL.
This year's New Year's day is really an unforgettable experience for every of us, I hope every year in the future we can get together,drinking and thinking about the bright future, wish all of us will be better and better, may the business of our company be prosperous!
Happy New Year to all of you guys!