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Your position:Home > News > Social News > How to relieve summer-heat!

How to relieve summer-heat!

After typhoon, the temperature in Shenzhen is going up rapidly. Do you need some cool ideas for this hot weather?

There are some methods to relieve summer-heat. Some people suggest to have tea or cold drink, some people tell us cook some soups which can clear away summer heat,some people choose to have a chilled glass of wine, as which regarded as the top option of relieving summer-heat. Those are all very good solutions. Besides those, there are some very good vegetables and fruits which can relieve summer-heat,too,including balsam pear,cucumber,tomato,eggplant,celery,lettuce,asparagus,watercress,yam beam,watermelon,strawberry,pear,etc. Eating those vegetables or fruits not only can relieve summer-heat, but also can supplement some necessary nutrition for the body and keep fit. Maybe you also have some other good solutions to relieve summer-heat. Warmly welcome to share with us.

Any how,choose one suitable method to relieve summer-heat. Have a happy summer!

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