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Your position:Home > News > Social News > Does beer can quench your thir.....

Does beer can quench your thirst?

Beer is a cool drink for cooling, sunstroke and quenched the thirst in summer and autumn 
According to medical and food experts research, beer contains 4% alcohol, it can promote blood circulation. It also contains carbon dioxide, we feel cool and comfortable when drinking, it also helps digestion and stimulates the appetite. 

Beer rich in amino acids and minerals, drinking a small amount of beer is beneficial to health, but if drinking too much, the increased alcohol will increase the burden on the liver and directly damage the liver tissue. When drink beer with eating pickled smoked food, the chemical composition of carcinogenic nitrosamines can enter the liver, liver cell damage. It is not a kidding, be careful.

Now is the summer time, let’s choose some favorite beer mugs and beer, drink with friends together at weekend, but don’t drive after drinking.

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