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How long is it since you had a drink with dear Dad last time?

Father's Day is coming next weekend. How long since the last time you had meal or beerwith your father?
For me, it's almost half a year. For us living far away from hometown, it's a luxurious thing to have meals with parents together. Many of us come from different cities and places. We come here for a better life, work here, get married,even settle down, but parents are living at hometown. However, this is a very common phenomenon here in China. Anyhow, in our deepest heart, how we wish we can accompany our parents and take care of them. Maybe one day, we'll go back to hometown or parents come here to live together.Imagine one day that in the morning, we have coffee with our dear dad, drink beers at the dinner time, and kiss good night with our dear father...How warm and beautiful day is ! Let's fight for this day! Happy Father's Day to all fathers !

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