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The modelling of Sunny perfume bottles

Fragrance is one of the most popular consumer goods, especially for female friends.The elegant shape of glass perfume bottles can stimulate the desire of consumers.

The place of perfume bottle to attract the consumers is the innovative and novel design for modelling, the design team always focus on consumer preferences, and then create a variety of transparent, or with colorful decoration, different forms of modeling, Through visual stimulation to convey its shape contains content, which cause people to the recognition of beauty and empathy.

Common perfume bottles are dark opaque or transparent bottles, Diversification of design style, reflects the superb craft level. Due to irregular characteristics of the modelling of perfume bottles, the glass process can only adopt the mouth blown craft, so the price is relatively higher than other machine made production.

As human close contacts information dissemination in the world, international exchanges become more frequent, perfume bottle design activities are becoming increasingly international. The glass perfume bottles were designed by Sunny Glassware experienced design team won the most consumers heart with their simplicity and unique aesthetic lines. Welcomed the inquiry.

the modelling of perfume bottles

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