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Let’s protect our environment together!

Today is World Environment Day, June 5. On this special day,let’s especially give attention to the environment surrounding us. 

We Sunny glassware locates in Shenzhen of China, a city close to the South China Sea, with sea and many hills, mild climate all year around. During the past 30 years’ fast development, Shenzhen has a great development, but at the same time, it results in destroy or pollution of different degrees,for example, the mangrove forest reduces much than the past 20 years, water pollution and the offshore also have been polluted due to effluent discharge, and air quality declines by various exhaust emission including automobile exhaust, factory production of exhaust gas, etc. However, happy to us all, our government pays much attention to the environment these years, city greening to make trees seen everywhere and green hills keeping almost the same as before. What’s more, many different measures have been taken to prohibit and reduce the environment destroy and pollution phenomenon, such as limit the number of vehicles, increase the degree of punishment of environmental pollution, etc.  

We Sunny Glassware as a part of this city and country, also have the responsibility and obligation to protect the environment. Let’s hand in hand to build our beautiful homes. Cherish environment, this is the place where we live, need the efforts of all of us to protect it.

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