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Happy weight

After graduation from university, my weight had a particularly interesting journey.During my practice, because of the late sleep and eat a lot of food every day, resulting in weight at that time reached 55kg. It really was my painful nightmare. Later, when I was in Sunny, a new beginning so I firmly decided to lose weight. However, I was defeated in front of a wide variety of snacks and fruit of the company . This year, it seems that suddenly I was not so fond of eating, so it is 51kg, not far away from my target weight 48kg.Shenzhen Sunny Glassware co., LTD.,  focusing on the glass products over 20 years, has a very rich production experience and professional technology, to provide you with personalized service, for more information, please visit: www.okcandle.com, or contact Chally Xu, + 86 755 2564341