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Environmental glass bowl

If there are leftovers after dinner, how could we do? It is a big headache, if we discard them, it is such a waste. Thrift is our traditional virtues, so the best way we can do is store the food into the airtight box to keep it fresh, then what kind of stored containers are safe and eco-friendly? Sunny Glassware recommended that you can use airtight borosilicate glass bowl as food container. Put the leftovers into the airtight glass bowl, then put it to the refrigerator. We just warm the food with microwave, a delicious meal would be ready soon.

Sunny Glassware always provide are safety and eco-friendly glassware for customers all over the world, borosilicate glass box is an essential lunch box for working people, it is the essential household appliances. Welcome to order.

borosilicate glass container