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Glass tea set sealing operation

Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd is professional borosilicate glass material tea sets' manufacturer for 22 years in China, We have more than 5000 new designs come out every year. Below I would like introduce you the glass tea set sealing operation. 

To further ensure the seal, the walls of the extension of the lid for a grind arenaceous
layer, or outside the walls of a layer of sealing rubber coating or suit.Because the DingZhu
in the center position, so no matter how the lid is, the user can be fixed by freeing
DingZhu or pressure to control water flow or pressure.

borosilicate glass tea sets

Mouth Blown technology is using glass in a certain temperature range and has the
characteristics of plasticity, picked out from the furnace glass by using hollow iron ,
blowing at one end, on the other side of the glass material is blown into the ball, then
through tools such as scissors, mold to shape and eventually made into glass products.
Blowing operation needs to be done by several people, because it is manual operation, so
this kind of glass could say everything is unique. usually on price, artificial blown glass
products and glass products is more expensive than ordinary mechanism.