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Routine maintenance knowledge of micro Landscape ecology bottle

If someone give you a glass bottle, how do you apply it for your life? Use as a candler holder or DIY a micro-landscape ecology bottle? If it is used as a candle holder, it would be very simple, lit a candle and put it into the candle holder, a hazy atmosphere will be fill around you. However, if you want to make a micro-landscape bottle, you need to buy some mosses, ferns, succulents and soil, and then match with the fence, colorful sand, cute dolls, and animal models. put them into the glass bottle, a beautiful green plants is built up. 

When the micro Landscape ecology bottle was built up, you need to do routine maintenance, the following are some common sense for reference. 

Lighting: Moss need indoor nurseries scattered light, not direct midday sun, it can bask in the early morning or evening sunshine by accident, so that it can have the effect of sterilization. 
Temperature: mosses are able to survive at any temperature, but preferably temperature for moss growing is between 5 ℃ -28 ℃ 
Humidity: Humidity is maintained at about 80%. 
Soil: Although the micro picture of moss on the soil is not required, but it is still advocate the use of cultivating the soil, because the soil is not easy to mold. 
Water: Moss absorbs water by foliage plants directly, you can use spray bottle wet leaves every time but should not be long-term ecological lot of water on the bottom of bottle, the principle of water is spraying moss appearance and pouring plant roots.

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