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Water spot glass candle holder let you fondle admiringly

This is a refreshing summer festival, it’s sunshine, sometimes it will rain cats and dogs to wash any  magnificence in the world, people feel cool. In the hustle and bustle of the city life, people both desire a peaceful sky, and looking forward to a cool summer. 

Well, there’s nothing quite like this decorative glass candle holder with water spot effect embossed bring your imagination do, We do not need to give you a lot of scene composition, the aim is to leave you with your unlimited imagination. Try to prepare a few candles, lights swaying, with your heart that you really want to decorate the scene. 

The glass candle holder is manufactured by Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co., Ltd. The coloring glass material, with a touch of color gradient, and water spot effect embossing, which only need to put a candle, the candlelight can be infinitely reflected enough and thoughts are galloping until the end of time.

 Item NO.: SGX1002-2 
 Top dia: 75mm 
 Bottom dia: 52mm 
 Hight: 91mm 
 Capacity: 185ml 
 Weight: 156g
 Material: coloring glass 
 Craft: handmade

decorative glass candle holder