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A stemware shape double wall glass appreciation

Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd won the industry recognition with high quality and integrity, and the innovative design always attracts many end consumers. Let's check out following double wall borosilicate glass, its shape just like an elegant stemware, the commonality between the stemware cups and borosilicate glass not only make it beautiful but also useful, which highlights its infinite charm, so it is very poplar in the markets.

    1) Heat -20 ° ~ 150 ° (thickened very strong)
    2) Hand-blown craft with 3.3 expansion coefficient
    3) Material: borosilicate glass
    4) physico-chemical properties reached German DIN standard and American standard ASTM-E438 and A

   Item No.: SGDS14122932 
   Top dia:80mm
   Bottom Dia:58mm                
   Height: 154mm         
   Capacity: 260ml

Borosilicate double wall drinking glass

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