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Trade Terms

On behalf of SunnyG Glassware, it is hereby announce 3 trade terms for reference. We hope it could be a useful knowledge for importers or exporters.

1. DAT (Delivered at Terminal)
   Destination means that designated port of discharge form, shall be the port, airport, or port of customs clearance of cargo

2. DAP (Delivered at Place)
   Destination means that delivery to the designated place, does not contain the unloading, excluding import customs clearance fee.

3. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
   Destination means that designated place of delivery and import customs clearance, pay import duties

The difference between above 3 terms.
  For DAT, the seller should pay unloading fee.
  For DAP, the seller does not need paying unloading fee, however, customs clearance fee can be negotiated
  For DDP, the seller should pay customs clearance fee.

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