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The development stages and current situation of the glassware industry

China daily glassware industry has gone through different stages of development: the early days, the domestic daily glassware industry almost exclusively manual production, backward technology, low yield. In the 1970s, the domestic industry has begun to commonly used household glass kilns and automatic molding equipment production, annual production of 1 million tons. Since oriented reform and opening up until the late 1990s, and through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, China daily glassware industry has been great progress, but there are also low-level redundant construction and overcapacity, poor product sales and other issues, a number of days glassware companies have closed down due to losses or even bankruptcy. After 21st century, driven by rapid economic growth and international industry to accelerate the transfer to China and other factors, China’s daily glassware industry, especially with green, safety concept and glass containers industry was closely related to the modern lifestyle glassware industry into the high-speed development period, reflected in industry revenues and profits growing scale, product quality and grade of continuous improvement, the technology gap with the international advanced enterprises shrinking, with Shenzhen Sunny glassware Co.,Ltd as the representatives of national enterprises have begun to emerge and growth, industry consolidation in the ascendant, etc., China has become the world’s largest producer of household glass products. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2013 more than the size of glassware and glass containers production total of 890 companies, the sales income of 1,364 yuan, total profit of 9 billion yuan; total output of about 2,361 tons. Industry economic growth and productivity indicators for many years, as compared with 2004, 10 years production increased by 2 times, industry sales revenue and gross profit increased by 5.1 times and 12.2 times respectively. 

From the perspective of foreign trade, China has become the world’s largest exporter of household glassware. In 2009, United Nations Commodity Trade Organization on the part of the national export statistics show that China’s total exports of household glass has accounted for one-third of the year’s total exports in the world, ranking first in the world. According to China Daily Glassware Association statistics, glassware and glass containers export amount has exceeded $ 5.9 billion and volume of exports reached more than 2.8 million tons in 2013.

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