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Unique shape glass candle holder

Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd always stands on your side.  Check out our new arrival here, there are several  unique shape glass candle holders stand out from various products as following. The design styles is easy to catch consumers eyes. Which one is your favorite?

Item No.:SGHY15031201
Product Size:
  Top dia: 99mm
  Bottom dia: 40mm
  Max dia: 106mm
  Height: 65mm
  Weight: 535g
  Capacity: 217ml
  Dia: 87mm
  Max dia: 97mm
  Height: 50mm
  Weight: 162g

Apple Shaped Ion Plating Glass Candle Holder 

Item No.:SGHY15031202
Product Size:
  Top dia: 70mm
  Bottom dia: 40mm             
  Max dia:70mm
  Height: 47mm
  Weight: 108g
  Capacity: 83ml                      
  Dia: 61mm                  
  Max dia: 70mm                      
  Height: 38mm               
  Weight: 86g

Item No.:SGHY15031203
Product Size:
  Top dia: 73mm
  Bottom dia: 61mm 
  Max dia: 86mm
  Height: 56mm
  Weight: 386g
  Capacity: 109ml 

unique shape glass candle holders