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African countries buyers of pattern, color taboos(1)

Egypt: Egypt, like the Green, white, and taboo of black and blue, and is believed dreams were to have trouble. In Egypt, Islamic mosques, be sure to take off your shoes. Egypt people like green, red, Orange, and not love purple, blue, like the pyramid even the floral pattern. Ban on wearing clothes with a star pattern, in addition to clothing, with its stars patterned wrapping paper or popular. Forbidden pigs, dogs, cats and bears.
Sudan: Sudanese dressed more simply, the man most wrapped white turban wearing Arab-style robes; women wearing white or other colors of tulle, do not wear veils. Sudanese think yellow is a sign of beauty, women enjoy a smoke bath makes the skin turn yellow.
Libya: Libya people like green, dirty black. In addition, cat, pig, female body patterns are taboo.
Tunisia: Tunisia people like green, white and Crimson, like camels. Dirty pigs, dogs, cats. Today’s Tunisia one sheep to attract foreign tourists, vigorously developing tourism, efforts to enrich the cultural and recreational life of the masses. Sheep in Tunisia at least 1000 years of history.
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