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What are you dancing

  • Author:Chally Xu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2015-02-05
On 31 Jan, our Sunny Glassware held the Annual Celebration Party in Shenzhen.It was so exciting and cheerful that our dancing show- "What are you dancing" has achieved the most favorite program among the already 20 shows by voted of all our family members. Thanks to Sunny Glassware, thank our Rocket Team, and thank you myself.

From left to right: Fanny,Emma,Judy,Alisa,Joanna,Chally,Nancy.  we like 7 flowers, right?
To make a good performance in the Party, to leave a deep impression on family's mind, to show our best impact, we have working on it for quite a while even sacrificed the rest time at noon every day. Fortunately, We pain, we gain.
This time. I want to to give myself a New Year Gift: May a sunshine face and life, may a good guy to be walk with, may an excellent person I will be.