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How to maintain glass candle holder 2

  • Author:Brenda Chang
  • Source:SunnyGlassware
  • Release on:2015-01-20
Secondly, for the glass candle holder with engraved or embossed pattern,once it get dirty, you can moistened it and using brush with detergent to drawing a circular wiping according to it’s pattern for removing the dirty. In addition, you also can drop some kerosene on the glass or coated with chalk and gypsum powder,adding water to spread on the glass, then wipe after it drying with a clean cloth or cotton cloth , and the glass can be very clean and bright.

The last point, it is better to placed the glass candle holder at a fixed place, don't move frequently. You should smoothly place the candle holder on the furniture, and make sure the heavy objects and candle holder placed at the bottom of the furniture to preventing the furniture loses equilibrium and tipped over. In addition, you also need to keep it avoid damp, away from stoves and the chemical reagents such as acids, alkalis to prevent corrosion or deterioration. 

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