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Electrical contractor in Africa(2)

  • Author:Chally Xu
  • Source:web page
  • Release on:2014-12-31
From the long term, electrical contractor in Africa despite the enormous growth opportunity, but e-commerce firms are still struggling.    South Africa e-commerce platform Takealot in 2014, received $ 100 million in financing from the Tiger Global, capital increase, on the path of market expansion, however it had to admit defeat and eventually merged with its largest competitor, Kalahari company. E-commerce platform is difficult this year, the parent company of the Kalahari.    
In order to eliminate some of the competitive pressures in the market, Kalahari's parent company in February this year, closed down several of its e-commerce Web sites, including SACamera, 5rooms, Kinderelo, Style 36 and 5Ounces. Not only South Africa company has met this problem, e-commerce company's problems in Nigeria is not small. Nigeria's population structure is huge, growing middle-income people, Nigeria becomes one of the continent's most profitable e-commerce market, many e-commerce companies have popped up.
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