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Why do not pour wine with full cup? 1

  • Author:Brenda Chang
  • Source:SunnyGlassware
  • Release on:2014-12-14
When I drink red wine for the first time, I find that the staff will always pour a little wine into a big capacity wine glasses. I was wondering that since the wine glasses are having such big capacity, why they don’t pour red wine with full cup? Waste is afraid if I can not drink all? Obviously not, because no matter how much we drink, normally we all have to pay a bottle of red wine. Until I met an professional wine-tasting friend, I realized there is having a deep knowledge in this issue. 

A little less means enough to distribute. The most simple reason for pouring a little wine is afraid of not enough wine to distribute. For a 750 ml bottle of wine, it will be finished if you poured with two and a half full cups. For those restaurants or a cocktail reception who sold wine,will certainly be losses in this business. Normally we pour one-third glass of wine when drinking, and a bottle of wine can be spared as 7~8 glass of wine, which is enough to distribute.

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