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Sunny knowledge base sharing about quality management

  • Author:Grace Li
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-11-15
Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co., Ltd. specialized in glass candle holder, glass  tumblers, glass bottle and other glass products, quality first is the one of company's mission. "Need to cut except defective products, quality is never checked it out." This is a classic summary from our practical experience QC who is Ivy. Let's take a look the experience sharing from Ivy.

What is a bad product? Does not meet the specified product called bad quality products. Cut except, that is part of the management of defective products , the more experienced, more can be accumulated experience, the more it can be enhanced management capabilities. History management can be said is a history of struggle for defective products, as long as there is production activities exist, there is the presence of undesirable chemicals. Poor product is a one of the best "questions" for verifying the management level. How to confirm the extent of the phenomenon and the occurrence of defective products? and how to find the reason for this?

Firstly, QC have to confirm the extent of the phenomenon and the occurrence of defective products with eyes,brain on site as below.
① What kind of bad products were there and what phenomenon to be found?
② How much is the rate? In which part did it happen?
③ What time did it happen? 

The second step should take a variety of method to find the reason.
Even the same kind of  negative phenomenon, the reason can be varied, some can use past experience, see through, some rely on analytical method to find out why. To reproduce the same phenomenon, we can adopt the following method. 
Simulation method. Using the same combination of factors of production, confirm whether the same result in undesirable phenomena.
Pairing method. The factors of production are combined according to certain conditions, the combination of which appear to confirm the same bad.
Exclusion. Will factors of production to replace them one by one, when replace the bad disappear, chances are the factors of production caused by bad.
Comparison method. Will taste good with the bad product comparison, find out the difference, these differences are likely to be the cause of bad.

The above methods are only to identify the adverse factors which cause adverse production, laid the foundation for countermeasures, but it is not enough, we still have to give the disproof, especially in the theoretical calculation, attention should be paid to the following.
① As far as possible the use of high precision testing instrument data acquisition.
② The plan approval, impartial while reading data, do not changed data artificially.

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