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How to Finish Deep Processing Glassware 2

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2014-12-06
And we have introduce how to finish the hand painted glassware in last article. And now maybe you want to know how to make the engraving glassware.

There are several type engraving in glassware. Like laser engraving, engraving by grinding wheel and etch engraving etc. No matter which way you will choose to finish in the clear glass, you need to design the logo and drawing first. Then position the logo size . The last but not least step, engraving the logo according the drawing

It sound that easy, and actually it need to be finish by very skillful worker, since if your hand is shake when engraving, the logo will not in the position site or the logo will be different, it can't repair. So this item is scrap. 

So need to be very careful during processing the glassware.
engraving glass candle holder