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How do I sell candle jars

Gary Sunny Glassware 2020-01-22 12:19:54
Most of customer start a project development with some idea or some simple picture. Your follow proposal will make customer decide choose you or not. How did Sunny Glassware help to promote the client's plan
I start send email to Russ about four years ago. But very less email has respond. Their company is big, but most products are very standard and regular design. At the beginning Russ found we are trading company not factory and felt not good. Sent many old items and ask us join the bid. We even didn't have any budge for the meeting.
I keep sending him our new glass and decoration design. One year later, Russ advice me he will come to China and would like to meet. Russ is a very smart and experienced old man. We show him our product in the showroom, he took some picture and would share with his colleague. First meet not good not bad.
Another year passed, Russ visited one of our decoration factory. We have talked quite a lot of candles business. He ask who did we work with and he know quite a lot of our customer. We got a very important information that their company combined with another famous candle brand. About half year later, more and more inquiries comes in include the new combined company. Their new partner has very fresh feature is all of their products are high qualify designed, which Russ was in the opposite originally. I think Russ start be interested in us is because we not only have many many glass design available but also have the design ability.
sunny glassware design
There is two main product line of them. One is for large chain store like Wal-mart, another line is their own famous brand. No matter which line it belongs, my job is provide them the unique and beautiful design.
The first design we started was a wood grain candle jar. Russ advised some idea firstly and asked if we have some similar design available. Good luck we did have a similar design, but there is only a sample exist. No mould available for us. In order to show him our attitude, we opened the production mould by ourselves. Lasted few months and many rounds of sample finished. I think the first order will come soon.
I start thinking the after order issues. This design is going to be their own brand, but this design was gotten from the factory. And I got very important information that the design was originally made by another customer. We don't know if they conduct the production in other factory or has the applied the patent already. I struggled a couple of day about if I should told them this problem. Finally I reported to him thinking of how important it is for the future cooperation. As I thought Russ was very angry about it. Because they have started advertise that item long time ago, all the pre-production work was finished. Now means everything needs redo.
Another morning we started rework, drawing, mould, sample etc. We fixed all the issue in two weeks. And of course all the cost on our own charge. Russ feels better of us, the order came soon and repeated every two month. Their marketing of this item was very good, I saw a lot of advertise on the internet.
Every customer's own design is protected by us, we forbid show or copy by any other. It include our own design, we apply patent for all of our new design. We tell customer not to show other supplier for quote or copy. But once you place order at defined quantity, this design will belong to yours. We only produce for you.
I was right to tell Russ about that issue. We fixed it in time and prevent large risky in the future。