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Grow with customer and get good profit each other

  • Author:Michelle
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-12
Growing with customer is a lucky and great thing for me.
One of my customer used to be waxing. It started to develop its own products in 2015. They wanted to make ceramic candle holders. Before that, Sunny Glassware was focused on glass candle holders and few of ceramic products, so we only could provide less support. When we received artwork from our customer, we started to contact the factory to determine the feasibility of the product, and then propose amendments. Because the customer had a special labeling position on the ceramic candle holder which required little dimensional tolerance. And the gold decals on ceramic candle holders needs to be just right that cannot cover the position of the label. In addition, the cup needs to be equipped with a metal lid, so the tolerance of the top dia should be controlled within a certain range.It`s hard to fit the jar,if it`s too small then you can`t put the lid inside,if it`s too big then the lid would shake easily, The last embossed ceramic candle candle is the most difficult, because of the pattern, the tolerance will be relatively large, so the required The dimensional tolerance is more accurate. Finally, these ceramic candle holders were done after more than 10 times samples. Our clients listened very patiently to our suggestions, perfecting the final version according to the suggestions we can do, and finally could meet their requirement.
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In the end, the customer placed an order in 2016 and reorder until now. They did not receive any complaints during the sale. At the beginning of the two ceramic candle holder orders, they were looking for third-party inspection. We always tried to improve the issues found in the inspection and solved the problem one by one,. We would improve by the customer's request. If we can`t improve it we would tell them what we can do then we reached the agreement on the inspection rules.After the third inspection, they no longer arranged third-party inspections. Until now, We inspect the goods by our-self . Since then, they have begun to purchase glass candle holders or ceramic candle holders for customers. They pass all to Sunny to make for them. They have been transforming their own brands in 2017 and began to focus on their own designs. They have grown and continued to develop steadily. At that time, I also updated our new glass candle holders and ceramic candle holders designs to them, so that they can inspire their own products and apply them to product design.
At the same time,Sunny Glassware also began to develop ceramic candle holders, continuously integrate resources, increase the product development of ceramic candle holders, and also increased the development of accessories for candle holders, such as lids for candle holders.

Finally, I am also very grateful to this client,they still trust us that we could so well even we met so many sample modifications. It also gave me confidence to stick my job until now.

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