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Always to be a professional glassware supplier

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-08-02
How to better serve your customers? Always to be professional, stand on customer's feet thinking and be positive.That's why Sunny Glassware is the supplier of 80% fragrance brands in the United States.
When my client Suji inquired me about a lab glass, I was very happy even though Sunny Glassware had not done it before, because the client was willing to give the project to Sunny Glassware, which also showed that she gave me a trust. When I saw the customer's picture, I told the customer with confidence that we could do it.Customer want to add a small rectangular indent pressed into the glass so that she can have a label there, but I doubt whether we can do well in mass production, but seeing the customer insist on I did not say no to her ideas, and tell the customer we are willing to try, at the same time, when to arrange the samples, I arrange according to her request and do the samples according to my own idea.When the customer received the physical sample, the customer was very happy,completely agreed with my suggestion, and was quite appreciated of my professionalism and my foresight and control of the whole project.
Glassware Client Evaluation
Then we made the color sample, the customer quickly confirmed our color sample, we won the order.For the whole order, I helped the customer to strictly control the delivery time, quality and shipping service, and finally the customer was very satisfied after receiving the bulk goods.In the third month after delivery, the customer repeat the order and added a new size.
This is the first time our company so lab glass products. The design of the customer is very attractive, and there is not much competition in this part of the product. What the customer sells is a sense of ceremony and a feeling, so it is very popular among consumers.
Sunny Glassware and Clients
Customers always like to do business with professional sales, I stand on customer’s feet thinking and advising, and always be positive during this period is the key to win this customer.

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